I've been a caricaturist for decades. I have an enviable reputation and I'm refreshingly priced.  I will bring a difference.
promote your product, event or service with something memorable


I love promotional

A caricature produced by Drop Dead Caricatures can bring to life any promotional item or event.

The caricature can form the main push of the promotion in the form of a logo or header for banners and exhibition stands and panels.

We can take care of the production or liaise with your preferred supplier.

The caricature can be a tiny picture on a pencil, pen or other item, or absolutely huge on a billboard.

Caricatures from Drop Dead Caricatures have been printed on to t-shirts, mousemats, mugs and memory sticks.

Generally the only limit to how the caricature is applied is our collective imaginations and the depths of your pocket.

Adverts, vehicle graphics, web sites and emails - there is literally nothing that could not be improved with a caricature from Drop Dead Caricatures.

Drop Dead Caricatures generally allows full useage of our caricatures for your promotion excepting degradation or modification or anything illegal or immoral that would mar the good name of Drop Dead Caricatures - we can advise.

Call Drop dead Caricatures on 07796 455304 or use our quick form by clicking here.

Some Promotional samples


Portraits from photos

Send me a pic, let me know their interests hobbies etc. - I'll do the rest


Bride and Groom, parents, or actually attending for the guests - something unique - and memorable


Make people remember your event with something unique


Thoughtful, personal, it will be received well


Kick of the event with something that will be remembered


Instant success, helps creating an atmosphere


Your party will be talked about for a long time after

established and trusted, unique and unusual

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